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Basic Luxuries you miss while in a Boat

Okay, so most people say a cruiser’s life is luxurious. In many ways it definitely is. I mean we can go anywhere in the world and park our house right there. But realistically the luxuries in life are what is on the outside of the boat, not the inside. Yes, those outside luxuries are amazing. Something I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. But to put things in perspective the living area on your typical 35 foot boat is under 400 square feet. That’s tiny. Your average size house in the USA has a square footage of 2,700. In such a cramped area you just can’t have some of life’s luxuries you use to take for granted. Here’ a list of some basic luxuries you miss while in a boat.

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Fresh Water whenever you want it

It’s hard work having freshwater on a boat. You need to lug it in from the shops (some times miles away). It can be a half a day job. There are obviously other ways to get water. I mean you can install a water-maker, but they are so temperamental. They seem to break all the time and we have yet to have one last a few weeks without needing to be fixed. There is no way I would ever depend on one when we where doing a crossing. Back in a house all you have to do is turn on a tap and fresh water comes pouring out!

Room to Move

Yes, it can get cramped and if you are doing a crossing there really isn’t anywhere to go. There are activities that can keep you busy, but sometimes you just miss having the room. If you have a fight with your partner, you can’t just jump in the car and go for a drive to cool off. You have to sit at most 30 feet away from them.


Air conditioning

Unless you are really wealthy and don’t mind topping up the fuel every 5 minutes you learn to live without the luxury of air conditioning. Yes, we are the first people to get the sea breeze, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t days when it is stinking hot and we can’t escape the heat. In our past life we could easily jump into our car, shopping center or house and be cool. It’s not so easy out here. You just have to live with it. Though it does make jumping in for a swim a lot more enjoyable!

A comfy bed

The bed on a boat are understandably small and made to fit the boats interior. The have a lump along the edge to make sure you don’t fall out of bed when you are in rocky seas. They are basically made for practicability, not luxury. How I miss my super comfortable bed from back in my past life.


Seeing a Movie on the Big Screen

I have seen so many movies on my tiny little TV (about 17 inch screen). I love a good movie, but I do miss the blockbusters on the big screen. We do sneak off and see one sometimes, but we are limited depending on where we are in the world. They don’t build a lot of cinemas around marinas.

Now it seems like I am complaining, but I couldn’t be happier with my life on a boat. That, of course, doesn’t mean I can’t get envious of you guys every once in a while. Maybe I’ll just go cruise over to a nice beach I found on a remote island that I have to myself. All of a sudden those basic luxuries you miss while in a boat don’t seem so important 🙂

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