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First Aid Kit Suggestions

Every boat needs a first aid kit. It doesn’t matter if you are out there for a few hours or weeks on end, you need to keep safe. If you decide not to take one, I might put you in the post about the Boaters With No Idea! Accidents aren’t unusual. Here’s an example.

What you need will depend on how long you are out on the open water. You need supplies that will help you aid a patient until you can make your way back to land and get some real help. Here’s some basics to get you going…


Bandages / Band aids

You will need several bandages. Having accidents on a boat isn’t unusual and you will need to stop bleeding quickly. Make sure your bandages are of the waterproof kind (just tell the supplier you want it for boating and they will point you in the right direction) and will be adequate for a fairly serious accident and will last for the amount of time for you to get to help. Also keep additional bandages (don’t need to be waterproof) for wrapping splints.

Splint Materials

In case of a broken bone or sprain, you need to keep it stable. This is particularly difficult at sea, so you need to use something that works very well as a splint.

Medical Adhesive Tape

You can’t have enough of this. It has so many uses for any kind of accident. Once again, make sure you get the waterproof type to ensure it is effective when you use it.


It’s easy to get a wound infected out on the water, so make sure you are carrying some antiseptic. Having it could save you with a lot of problems with future infections.


Headache Tablets

There is nothing worse than having a headache on the open sea, with the sun glaring from above amplified by the reflection off the water and boat. Even if you are not prone to headaches we still strongly suggest you take some with you. It is well worth it.

Miscellaneous Items

Make sure you pack some of other things you need on a personal level. This may include sickness bags if you likely to get sea sickness, or maybe cold medication if you are someone who is likely to get a cold.

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