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Some Boaters really do have No Idea!

Now the thing about boating is that anyone can buy a boat. ANYONE! Now that’s great in someways and dead set terrifying in others. It’s great because it doesn’t put limitations on what we can do as humans. We are free to do what we want. Unfortunately sometimes I feel that some people should be protected from themselves. You see some crazy stuff out here. Whether it be on the open seas or on a river, people seem not to realize that boating is serious business. It is a dangerous adventure for you, your crew mates and the other boats around. It can be very expensive if you have an accident. It can also be deadly. Here are events we have seen in our time that really make us think “Some Boaters really do have No Idea!”

three small fishing boats in marina between trees

Mooring too Close

This is a common one. You park yourself in the open ocean, jump on your dingy for a trip to land, only to come back and find someone moored far to close. Once we came back and found a guy only 30 foot away. We had been here a few times and new the anchorage wasn’t great so politely asked them to move. They did without a problem not knowing they were too close. That’s the problem! You need to know this stuff! We have heard of people being hit before.

Trying to Sail into a small Marina

This is not the place to show what a great sailor you are. There are way too many fancy boats here to take that risk. Take down the sails and motor in. You don’t need to be a hero and there are rules against it.


Decking your Boat out with Products not for Boating

It’s not just sailing abilities that are a problem. Sometimes it is what goes on inside the boat that is just as bad. Some people don’t think when they purchase some stuff for their boat. One guy bought a PS3 and wondered why he was having problems with his wireless controllers only 1 month later. The marine environment is one of the harshest in the world, don’t bring anything too fancy.

Also we once saw someone bring a hair straightener on board. Seriously, that’s just crazy. Just enjoy the salt in your hair!

You fed your Cat what?

Some of us boaters keep cats on board as pets. Because they are in such an enclosed space they tend to get a little chubby. Now most of the boating community just deal with having a fat cat, or just cut back on it’s meals. However I once heard of a woman who fed her’s a diet supplement. Yes, you heard that right. A diet drug for HUMANS! She didn’t understand why her cat got sick and had to go to the vet.


Beaching and Running Aground

Yes, a very common one. That is why we all have depth finders and chart our course before we leave. This one costs a fortune to sort out (if you haven’t lost your boat completely). You need to know your tides and always leave plenty of room for error. The sea floor does change over time so you need to play it safe.

Not Carrying enough Fuel

So many people need to be rescued because they run out of fuel. I know we have saved a several in our time and they always have some terrible excuse. I mean we saved one guy once that was 50 miles from where he started, so he was never going to make it back. It’s just crazy that people don’t play it safe and ensure they have plenty of fuel. Here’s one example from the news.

So there are some of the things boaters have done that have made us think to ourselves “Some Boaters really do have No Idea!”. We have plenty more… maybe we will save that for a part 2 for this series.

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